Pixelisation on Freeview

Hi There,
Seem to be having pixelisation on Freeview example DRAMA, ITV4 , Sony Movie's .
have had a new Ariel installed by qualified company, BUT still get problem on some of the Freeview channels . We using the Brierley Hill Transmitter !!!.

Bryster, West Midlands B63 


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    On what Youview device are you experiencing this problem?
    Pixelation of the picture on Freeview channels is usually a signal issue.
    Freeview signals can be adversely affected by the weather.
    You have paid for a new aerial to be fitted, so it is the responsibility of the installer to rectify the problem. If they are unable to do so, they should be able to explain to you why you are experiencing it.
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    While you are at it, ask the installer why you are using Brierley Hill, which does not carry the COM 7 multiplex, when you could possibly be using Sutton Coldfield, which does.

    Certainly, B63 1AA, house number 1, defaults to that.

    Of course, you aren’t allowed to tell us your actual full postcode and house number here, in case we pop round and burgle you, or steal your identity, but you can put your actual precise details in:-
    scrolling down to ‘Check Freeview at my home’, and after looking at the resulting page, selecting Detailed View to see if Sutton Coldfield is iffy, and Brierley Hill not. Which would be the only reason for giving you Brierley Hill.

    Though your Brierley Hill is iffy anyway, which the aerial company needs to explain to you; I have checked, and there are no current engineering works there, which is always a first thought. And those channels span more than one mux, so it isn’t just a single mux problem.

    But stick out for Sutton Coldfield when they are putting things right, for preference, and get the channels that Brierley Hill does not carry:-
    notably BBC4 HD and BBC News HD.
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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