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Hi everyone..I am a novice at all this and not very technical but hoping someone out there may be able to help me..So here goes..I have a Youview+ box. ..had about 3yrs at problems up to now.  I cannot get catchup or on demand..I have two bt mini wi-fi home hotspots..Internet is good,checked all this with talk talk my Internet provider..Seems there may be problem with the ethernet cable that goes into the back of my youview box..I only have to touch it slightly and it comes up saying no  Internet on tv screen. Cannot seem to pair up my hotspot devices either...lights all on on hotspot device near the box but the ethernet one keeps flashing intermittently on the extender one plugged in near my router and sometimes all three lights flash off and on..PLEASE can anyone advise.cant get through on helpline..just redirect me to here..Is the problem with my wiring?or is the box faulty? Tried turning box off and on and resetting hotspots but to no avail..HELP!! anyone please.


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    Greetings @espana, and welcome to the Community!

    Try swapping the Ethernet cable end to end. Does the ‘wiggling it’ problem move with the end, or stay at the YouView box end?

    If the former, try a replacement Ethernet cable. Make sure it is Cat6 or above. They are cheap enough, after all.

    You ought to be able to get the box to work over the wifi extenders; but if you can’t get any catch-up, then you have a separate problem from whatever causes the ‘no internet’ message.

    Look at Settings/Signal & Connection/Broadband Connection, and tell us what you see there.

    And also please look at Settings/Information & Reset/, first Device Information and tell us Manufacturer, Model and Variant, and then Software Information and tell us Manufacturer software and Component software, if you would be so kind.
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    Thank you so much for your reply..this may sound stupid but someone said to me today 'why do I need a youview box to watch catchup TV when I have a smart tv and can watch it  through that?..Good question I ask myself?...hence i am now watching catch up via smart tv,no problem..I can still record programmes with youmy Youview+ box..Am I thick or just getting older and things don't register like they used this the reason I have a youview box in the first place so I can record programmes..had the smart tv all this while and never watched catchup via the apps before. Forgive me for prattling on so..this technology is getting beyond me now..hope my problem is resolved for now unless you can see anything I may have overlooked.  Thank you once again for your time and patience..(annoying have use two remotes now!!)
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    If something has been on TV recently, ideally within the last day or so, but actually up to 7 days ago, it is much quicker and easier to step back to it, with << to step back a day at a time, in the YouView EPG, and just click on it, if it has the whirly thing that says you can get it on catch-up.

    This will start the relevant catch-up player, and then start the chosen programme in that player.

    Saves you figuring out which player is needed, and then to have to go hunting about in it to find the required programme.

    The same is true if I find something in the YouView search which is a programme that’s on catch-up; I can just click it, and it starts.

    And in my case, even when I do use a player on my Smart TV, it tends to want a password that I’ve forgotten, so it’s much easier to fire up the YouView box, where the player knows me, and just starts without any faff.

    A final thing is that when the BBC are showing a programme in UHD on catch-up, I have to use my YouView T4000 to watch it, as my 2015 UHD TV is too old to have any recent BBC iPlayer version that will do UHD, while the T4000 stays bang up to date.
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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