Broken box????

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My box has kept blacking out for the last few months. I returned in November and it worked for abit and then have tried to retune today. It has taken 4 attempts and turning the box off and back on for the retune to take however now I don't have the option to series record and it takes at least 30 seconds to a minute for the remote to respond to anything I press 
Any ideas


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    Retuned not returned 

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    Hi @Polly and welcome to the Community!

    Although your problem is probably different from the one in this thread:-
    my advice would be largely the same, with one additional first step; you need to connect the aerial to your TV, if it is not connected at the moment, by uncoupling it from the YouView box and connecting it directly to the TV for this test (even if you already have it on a passthrough aerial cable), and tune the TV.

    If you have the same tuning problem on the TV, you need an aerial specialist in, not YouView support.

    But if the TV tunes OK, proceed as per my advice in the linked posting above.

    I would also like to know the box make and model, who your ISP is, and if you have the YouView box on subscription or not.
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