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Hi there, over the last week my parents have noticed that their ability to record has vanished from youview, and they also don't have access to the all4 streaming service, not sure if there are others missing but that's all they can remember, they only have BBC iPlayer and my 5. They have a sony tv with youview rather than a box. I'm not sure what to suggest to them to help resolve the issue as they are missing being able to record things particularly.


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    Greetings @leannemary and welcome to the Community!

    You never could record from the YouView ‘side’ on these Sony TVs; only by switching to the Freeview side could you record.

    And when you switch to the Freeview side, you lose the itv and All4 Players.

    Are you (and they) sure they mean record (which requires a hard disc or a big USB stick, connected to a USB port on the TV) and don’t just mean they have lost the ability to watch catch-up?

    The simple test you can ask them to do, to see which side they are on, is to go into the EPG (the programme guide) and see if this goes back in time to last week or not, which the YouView one does, but the Freeview one doesn’t.
    Also the YouView side says YouView, or at least it used to.

    There is a quick reset they can try - point the remote at the TV and press and hold the On/Standby button for just over 5 seconds until the TV reboots.

    But I don’t know if this will solve the problem or not.

    First off, we need to know which side they want to be on, YouView or Freeview, and then which side they are on now, since the missing Players is a ‘Freeview side’ thing and not being able to record is a ‘YouView side’ thing. So I am confused as to where they are exactly. As no doubt are they....

    And we also need to know the model number of the TV, and ideally the Android version it is running, if they have got onto the wrong side somehow, and we need to get them back.

    But let’s hope it’s simpler than that.
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