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As per other user I have the same problem that multiple scheduled recordings show a small triangle with the message "scheduling problem" without any further info. I have 80% free space and am unable to delete. Also had 4 "failed to record"!
Above is via the box whereas the BT mobile app does show the same problem error message so could be an erronues error message?


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!
    What other user, by the way? Are you harking back to last March here?
    But it will be helpful to know what box this is, what programmes you get these scheduling issues on, who your ISP is, and whether you are on subscription with them or not.

    In general though, scheduling problems, inability to delete, and failed recordings is the trifecta of disc corruption, the only remedy for which is to hope it is just a software thing and not a hardware thing, and do a Factory Reset from Settings. Which, as it will unavoidably delete all your recordings, means you might want to watch some of them before doing this.

    But before doing a Factory Reset, you should get a second opinion, from BT, PlusNet or TalkTalk if you are on subscription with them, or from YouView official support if not, probably in the person of @Sarah.
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