PlusNet discontinue tv service from February 7th 2020

adnydrumadnydrum Member Posts: 15
I've subscribed to PlusNet broadband for quite a while now, and had their YouView+ service along with paid/extra HD channels for 18 months. It's good, I like it. My current contract ends in about a week, and after researching the deals on offer from Virgin, Sky, and other broadband suppliers decided to stick with PN for another term. Called PN today to renew, and it's a good thing I did: it seems the tv service will no longer be available from Feb the 7th. New customers or existing customers renewing after this date will not be offered the tv service. I asked if the YouView service might just disappear at some point if I renewed, the answer was a definite no, so by renewing now it - and the extra/HD channels - it will be supplied for the duration of my new PlusNet contract. Aside: PlusNet now offer 24-month renewals by default but will offer 18 if you ask.  


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