All aerial you view channels disappeared

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The picture on all channels were poor and distorted after a power cut so I did the usual retune and the result was NO aerial channels available only 70 pay for ones!  I have retuned 3 times, I switched everything off and started again, I phoned my broadband supplier in case it was anything to do with them. They say nothing g to do with them.  When I switched on the Tv and You View after the power cut there was an update so I agreed to the update. Help?!


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    Do you get terrestrial channels with the aerial plugged directly into the TV? If not then you have an issue with your aerial (maybe you have a masthead booster that blew during your powercut), in which case you should contact a local aerial installer to check.

    If yes, then do a retune on the box, without the aerial in. This will clear any memory the box is holding. Then retune again with it plugged back in.

    If still no luck, please let us know your box model number and ISP, so more help can be offered.
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