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    Indeed, so don't be so quick to dismiss.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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     I have signed up to SKY and will no longer use YOUVIEW, I'm with TALKTALK until I get my box and to be honest I think TALKTALK have lost complete interest in YOUVIEW and I can't see it lasting much longer. So goodbye and the best of luck for the future.
    Sky have just announced price increases from April. 
    Probably too late now but two or three monthly Sky sub payments would have bought you a youview box which you could have then signed up to Now and saved yourself a few bob.
    Hindsight eh.

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    Following the announcement that several subscription channels are being removed from the Plusnet TV line-up I decided to take advantage of their offer to cancel Plusnet TV with no early termination charges (I only got Plusnet TV last September). At least Plusnet are letting customers keep the Youview boxes though.

    I haven't decided to subscribe to a new TV service just yet so I'll stick with Now TV for a bit.

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    It's not just Sky that's putting prices up BT will be doing it as well at the end of March and I also heard that Virgin Media will also be putting there prices up soon.
    Depending on what packages you are on broadband as well as TV is starting to become a little dear.
    As I have already said may look at my options once my BT contacts are up in the next few months. If BT don't offer me a good deal.
    I know companies put prices up every year but with current circumstances and some like me having been put back on the furloughed scheme yet again for the second time in 11 months. Even though my work has also agreed to pay up to 10% of wages this time round.
    Some people will be looking for a cheaper option for there broadband and TV.
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    kodikid said:
    Darren said:
    Hope all goes well with your move to Sky.
    I was surprised to get an email from BT saying your BT contracts are up for renewal soon as I only renewed just under 11 months ago and thought Now TV was for a min 24 months with BT. Although I would keep Youview and both my Youview boxes. I now thinking if I don't get offered a good BT fibre deal this time round then maybe looking elsewhere for my fibre FTTC and just getting Now TV direct from them. 
    Virgin is in my area but have heard some like Virgin and some dont.
    Would not be looking at moving to TalkTalk of FTTC as have heard too many mixed stories about them.
    Hopefully BT will give me a a good deal this time round.


    Darren type in Virgin media reviews. Or check out watchdog or Martin Lewis 
    On Trust pilot they get a record 90% negative rating. 
    Since Liberty acquired Virgin it's been horrendous. 
    If you do renew with BT and have the smart hub 2 ask them for a free disc. Have this setup myself and it really is the best on the market. 

    I totally agree, Virgin are awful - stay away!!

    Unfortunately I'm stuck in a contract with them for another year, but the speed is so inconsistent. Most of the time I am getting the speed I'm paying for, but if I'm streaming, especially live channels, it will buffer mid way through and when I do a speed check, it has dropped to about 1mb!

    I've done tests but because it only does this maybe once every hour, Virgin can't find a problem and probably don't believe me or even care as there is nothing I can do! 

    I'm now paying for 2 broadband contracts as I have Now TV standard broadband on my phone line!
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    @DaveA I got until April when all my BT contracts are up. Then will look at all my options then someone else just the other day said the same don't go with Virgin. Yet the guy next door to me was saying Virgin was good but think he's starting to change his option as his Virgin is going up in price soon and he's  only had Virgin 6 or 7 months.
    Been with BT for everything over 20  years but they are starting to get a little dear.
    Love the Youview boxes so would keep them.
    May phone BT nearer the time and if they don't give me a good deal on my FTTC them I may look at moving companies and then get Now TV direct from them.
    Also be told to avoid Talk Talk but I was not thinking of Talk Talk anyway as have heard mixed reviews about them over years.
    We are lucky if you get over 5mb speeds with standard broadband in my area so only other option is staying on FTTC as Openreach FTTP rollout has been delayed in my area.
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    Thinking of moving to PlusNet in next few weeks as my BT contracts are up in about 5 weeks and PlusNet that is almost £20 cheaper than the online deal offered by BT and  offering almost the same FTTC speeds and then getting the Now TV Entertainment pass, Sky Cinema pass and HD Boost direct from Now TV and keeping my Yourview boxes as Freeview pvrs.
    I know I will have to send router back to BT as only had it just over a year.
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    Not to worry as Plusnet/EE are both subsidiaries of BT and both supply the smart hub that BT subscribers get.
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    @Darren Do not dismiss TalkTalk out of hand, they are as bad as the worst/last reviewer says they are, same as the rest.  I have been with them for years, service has been great, they offer good value overall and are promoting NOW TV offers at the present time also.
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    @redchiz will look at TalkTalk. I never looked at TalkTalk to start with as have heard loads of mixed reviews about TalkTalk over the years but I so far more leaning towards moving to PlusNet. 
    @kodikid I knew PlusNet and EE as Subsidiaries of BT.  EE was £5 dearer than PlusNet when I looked up earlier.
    Just can no longer justify paying over £50 a month for my BT FTTC as it would be come 31st March. As I been back on the furlough scheme since January and until I go back to work I 5% down on my monthly wages. The online deal was FTTC with complete wifi and Halo 2 for much the same price as I would be paying the now after the price inn rose come 31st March for BT Fibre 2 and Halo 1. I could phone BT and see if I could get a better deal than one offered online but just about had enough of BT and there dear prices. Also BT don't seem to be offering the same deals as they used to.
    wifi in the house has improved since I changed from Home Hub 4 to the Smart Hub(Home Hub 6) Just over a year ago but its still not 100% perfect.

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    I've had Plusnet Fibre Extra for a couple of years and it's been pretty solid.

    The Router supplied by Plusnet is called a 'Hub One' and is a Plusnet branded version of the BT Home Hub 5a.

    You can use a BT Smart Hub (I do myself), but you'll have to purchase one, they are usually available on certain Auction Websites!
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    I use the Plusnet Hub One. I does the job, but it isn't pretty. :/
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    Seems I will not be moving to Plusnet just yet after an email I got from BT and have been on live chat with BT most of the morning and they claim I got an email sent my mistake the other week. My broadband is contract is coming to an end soon but TV service is still in contract till the end of the year. How BT have made this mistake when they sent me out the email I dont. For you would have thought booth contracts would have ended at the same time. Was put though to 3 different people on live chat and the last guy who was a little higher up ask what deal I was looking at and agreed to match the Plusnet price for Fibre 2 and even drop price by another £2 as I said I was very unhappy and that BT was putting prices up on 31st March and could price be droped more. I will lose Halo and price of my broadband will still go up by 60p on 31st March but im still making a saving on what I was paying before on the same package just I will lose Halo. Now Tv service is staying the same he did offer to drop price of Now TV but I would have lost the HD add on so i said no I want to keep HD. Now TV will go up £1.12 also on 31st March.
    Have put in a complaint to BT and the complain has been logged and im my account notes.
    Last guy even gave me his full name and department phone number should I have any more questions. Im not to happy with BT sending out email about contracts ending by mistake.
    I had to also phone Plusnet and cancel the order I put in to move to them late last night.
    Guy said he would look at my account within 24 hours and see if Plusnet order has been canceled and them put though the new agreed fibre 2 order and discounted price without halo.
    Have since got email from Plusnet saying your we are processing your request to cancel your order and it should be canceled by the end of the day.
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    You say you will lose Halo.
    The only benefit of Halo is the complete wifi.
    If as I assume your keeping your smart hub two then do what I did and buy a disc from e Bay (around £70) and off you go.
    Complete wifi for a fraction of a Halo subscription. 
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    There is another advantage to Halo and that is that when your contract ends, your monthly price won’t increase (annual cost of living increases excepted)
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    BoJo said:
    There is another advantage to Halo and that is that when your contract ends, your monthly price won’t increase (annual cost of living increases excepted)
    Err isn't that the reason he was considering moving elsewhere?
    Halo is very expensive for what it is.

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    @kodikid will maybe look at eBay for a wifi disc once my new contract with BT has been sorted out.
    You also right it was one of the reason is was considering moving elsewhere.
    When contract ends you try and get a better discount with BT or look elsewhere.
    If BT send you an email saying your contacts are ending make sure that all your contracts are ending and that it's not an email sent by mistake.
    I'm not happy at all that's why I also put in a complaint to with BT and they have it on file and say they will look in to it.

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