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Twice in the past 2 weeks I have had the message sorry Now TV is not available the now on both my Youview boxes via the app. .Second time was 15mins ago when I when to put on Sky Witness to get ready to to watch Chicago Fire. Edited up going downstairs and watch Sky Witness via the EPG on the Box I got from BT.
A reboot of the Youview boxes seems to fix this.One is a retail BT Youview box other one is the Youview box I got from BT over 2 years ago. 
It will be about a year now I will have been using Now TV with the Big Entertainment package and HD add on with BT.
Now TV has never done this before.
I did also notice Now TV last night was a little slow to load on my Amazon Fire Stick when I went to watch season 3 of the Good Doctor on Sky Box Sets after it loaded all was fine.
Any idea why Now TV has started doing this.



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    Are you asking why NowTV has suddenly started needing the YouView box rebooted?

    Should you not perhaps be asking why your YouView box has started doing this?

    But the ‘gold standard’ device for watching NowTV is a Roku stick; if it breaks on that, you can pretty safely ascribe the issue to NowTV. Otherwise, you have to suspect the device you are watching on at least as much as you suspect NowTV.
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    Yes I maybe should be asking why Youview has started doing this.
    All seems to be working fine the night.
    Will just see if it happens again.
    I have been using my Amazon Fire stick at times as well to watch app.
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