My dtr-t4000 cuts out after 5 minutes

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Dtr t4000 cuts out after 5mins


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    Hi @jayarts, Sounds like my old car. Could be throttle unit, idle sensor  . . . .
    Welcome to Youview forum. Back to pvrs. Can you give a bit more information. Does it go totally dead/blank screen/no power, or freeze/lock up? Have you tried doing any of the maintenance tips to reset box? John L

    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    jayarts said:
    Dtr t4000 cuts out after 5mins
    Greetings @jayarts, and welcome to the Community!

    Have you got it well ventilated? Does it feel like it might be overheating?

    You can give it a soft reset by holding down the On/Standby button for just over 8 seconds until it reboots.

    If this does not fix it, then try a Maintenance Mode Option 2, as described at:-

    and report back.
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