Sony tv recording

Is it possible to record to usb with YouView on sony? 
If not will this be a feature available soon?


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    Is it possible to record to usb with YouView on sony? 
    If not will this be a feature available soon?
    Welcome to Youview forum. What do your Sony instructions mention? I.e. is there a dedicated usb socket at rear of TV for recording? I don't have a Sony TV, but am aware of Freeview/Youview choice of setup when you first use TV. I doubt if you can use the usb if fitted for Youview, but why not purchase a separate Youview pvr and plug in to the TV. That way you have a better more reliable recording device. Seems to be so many restrictions with the Sony TV setup. John  L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    If it's a new one (you've got a "Live TV & Catchup" app) then you'll want to go into the other Sony provided TV guide to set recordings. You'll find it under apps from the home screen if it's not already on the shortcuts row.

    If you've got an old one (you've got a "YouView" app) then you'd need to exit YouView mode via the settings.
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    Short answer is NO.
    on the Sony TV’s you can only record from Freeview not YouView.

    I know this is disappointing and disgusting and disgraceful, but that’s the way it is.

    for fairness
    I’m not sure who is to blame, Sony or YouView (Owned by all of
    BT Group TalkTalk Group Arqiva BBC ITV Channel 4 & Channel 5 )

    maybe it would be worth contacting them for comment.

    Sony & Youview should part ways

    and Sony should get ahead of the  game and work with the new merger of FreeView & FreeSat to incorporate what they have planned into their sets. 
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    Nobody will say who is to blame for recording under YouView never materialising as was promised.

    Some might observe that if it were YouView’s fault, then Sony could sue the **** off them, whereas the converse is not true.

    But that would only provide an answer for 2015, and maybe 2016, if the limitation were in Sony’s hardware or software, so that it has not been addressed by Sony in 2017 - 2021 is an enduring mystery.

    The presumption must be that the ROI for whatever it might cost has been ruled insufficient within Sony corporate, and the reputational damage ruled bearable.

    Especially as the Android sets are one long, slow, car crash of reputational damage for Sony anyway.

    Bur even for them, YouView is such an unword now, that it has to be hidden under the name ‘Live & Catch-up TV’.

    But just as YouView drags down the Sony name, so likewise does Somy drag down the YouView name.

    Yes, Sony should swap YouView for FreeView Play, with or without the Plus.

    And then YouView can once again be known for its functionality on the pretty good boxes it puts its name to, and not the sad misfire that it is on these Sony Android TVs, themselves a sad misfire from what Sony TVs used to stand for.
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