Amazon Prime on retail boxes.

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Hi ae there any plans to introduce Amazon Prime on to the retail boxes. TalkTalk say that it's down to you, Humax and Amazon say the same, so what are you planning, if anything? It is really annoying to have to watch on an alternative. Roku. my old Sony TV and of course my Firestick. Please add the app for us retail box users.


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    Last I heard there was no plans to put Amazon Prime on retail boxes but that could change. 
    Although retail boxes seem to still be getting software updates they stopped selling retail Youview boxes over a year ago.
    The last few months since getting the Amazon Firestick I now prefer to use that to watch apps.
  • fre55diefre55die Member Posts: 167
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    Darren but, they show it clearly in the "why YouView" article.

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    @fre55die I see what you mean but if you go down to near the bottom of page in your link it also says BT and TalkTalk. Youview is now slowly being aimed at BT and TalkTalk customers it would seem. Although BT has moved towards selling Now TV and TalkTalk seem to be starting to do away with there TV Boost packages for new customers and Plusnet seem to have also stopped selling there TV service to new customers.
  • fre55diefre55die Member Posts: 167
    Darren, I'm with TalkTalk and yes their boosts are soon to be dead. I prefer my Humax box to the Huawei issued by TT (which do have Prime on them). I believe that BT customers are able to record NOW programmes whilst TT have dumped recording boxes altogether, only offering the non-recording 360T box.
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    Yes BT customers can record Now programme like I do at times but BT don't always seem to do deals on the Now packages like getting Now direct from them. Also BT tie you in to a BT TV contract where is via Now direct there is no contract as such.
    I could not do without a PVR box as at times I like to pause the start of a show for a few mins if watching broadcast TV so I can fast forward some of the ads. Also like to record as I still find that 15% of shoes are still not on catch up/on demand.
    In my bedroom I do watch some of the the Now channels via the Now app as the channels on the EPG are only active on the box in living room.
    I agree the Humax box seems better than the Huawei boxes that TT had issued.
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