Humax DTR T2000 making a clicking noise

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Recently installed a this humax box and it was making an annoying clicking noise (stand the box is in is made out of wood so that might not help). I rang John Lewis (retailer I got it from) and they replaced it and after installing the new box we found that it still makes a clicking noise. Is this just a known problem with the box or have I just been unlucky in getting two boxes with faulty hard drives?


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    Does it work? And when does it make a clicking noise. Sam?
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    Yes seems to work fine makes a clicking noise whenever it is on but especially when recording programs.
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    The heads can be heard moving from track to track on my YouView box, but I have to put my ear really close to it to hear it.

    Bear in mind that a switched-on YouView box is always recording the channel you are watching, so the heads will always be clicking a bit.

    And when you are making a recording from another channel, then the heads have to keep shifting from where it is laying down one recording on the disc to the place where it is laying down the other, clicking as they shift.

    And I would guess you are right about the stand - it is resonating like the soundbox of a guitar, greatly amplifying those clicks. Can you try, as a test, having the YouView box off the stand, or putting a layer of sound deadening material under it (foam, felt, thick cloth) and see what difference that makes?
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    Hi all,
    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but seems relevant. I have had a BT DTR2110 for a couple of years, in an open wooden cabinet under the telly and it's completely silent as far as I can tell, whether on, recording, standby... whatever. I can't hear it at all, just the faintest noise if I put my ear close.

    I've also recently acquired a Humax T2000 and it's the opposite end of the scale, I can hear it across other end of the house. To be fair, it's sat on a big wooden chest of drawers which as stated above could be amplifying the sound somewhat - but aside from the volume what is bugging me is that it does this all the time whether active or not. The only time it falls silent is when the low power standby thing kicks in overnight. This is a problem because it's currently in the bedroom and is loud enough to wake me up, so I've had to set the low power period to end well into the day. Not that that stopped it bursting noisily into life well before 6am the other night. 

    Can anyone confirm please, is this constant access normal behaviour? What on earth is it doing all day long whilst the box is in "normal" standby? This box is only set to record a couple of things a week at the moment and in my eyes has no business doing anything at all the rest of the time when not in use other than maybe the odd check for programme guide updates etc and reporting back to YouView Towers, and certainly not anything requiring it to be scratching away at the hard disk without a break for the entire day. Whilst I may be able to lessen the effects with some dampening as per Roy's advice above, I feel it may be better to address the cause if at all possible.

    Many thanks,
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    Hi @Rob P

    I'm guessing you have a BT TV subscription? 

    This can get a bit overactive. Can you post a recording of the clicking? To see if it is regular (spindle problem) or head movement? I hope it's not a Click Of Death....

    When the box is in low power mode, does the disc spin down?
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    Hi Roy,
    Thanks for your message.

    Interestingly, having been irked by this issue for a good couple of months, naturally as soon as I decide to query whether this is normal, it stops! I tried to get a recording of the noise over the weekend and all I could hear was (I think) the fan. There is still the odd click from the disc when it's not "meant" to be active (maybe 4-5 times per minute, from a quick check), so I think it's still doing something, but it's nowhere near as intensive as it was. 

    Anyhow, to answer your questions - No, I'm not on BT at all. It does spin down when in low power mode but outside of that it appeared to be accessing the disc the entire time. Apart from being a bit loud, the hard disc doesn't sound abnormal to me, I'm mostly just curious as to whether it reading/writing all the time is/was normal, since the other box doesn't seem to do it (or at least, not audibly). It does sound like head movement, which would be understandable if recording or playing but it was, or should have been, doing none of these things and was in standby.

    I'll keep an eye on it and if there's any updates I'll try again to grab a recording. 

    Thanks for your help,
  • Just for the record I’ve just purchased one of these boxes (1 day old) and have the same issue, it’s HDD noise is ridiculous. Being in the computer trade for 30 years there’s no reason why hard disks should be this noisy, even on a high speed multimedia drive.

    I’ve tried all power modes, it’s constantly accessing every few seconds. And sounds like a sack of coins. My 15 year old Humax PVR is extremely quiet. I purchased it for use in my bedroom, it’s so noisy I can sleep so end up pulling the power.

    I know full well if I get it replaced it will be the same. I didn’t know what brand of drives are being used in these.

    Extremely disappointing.
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    I have the same problem with my T2000. The hard drive constantly sounds like it is being accessed. I took one back because of this but the replacement has the same fault.
    This is not a new issue with this model as I've put up with it for 2 years now.
    I have a much older model than this that runs silently!

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    My T2100 doesn't make any noise.

    My T2000 (which I think is a refurb, that was sent to me by Youview) clicks away like there's no tomorrow when recording.

    I moved this unit to my bedroom recently but my partner is having none of it.
    She can't stand the clicking through the night, even when the box is on standby.
    We have a Plusnet connection with no multicast subscription.
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    My T2000 is also very noisy.
    Over the years I must have used about 8 boxes (TalkTalk and BT) - all have been almost completely silent.
    Maybe Humax bought a dodgy batch of hard drives  :(
  • It's not the hard drive because it only does it in standby.

    As soon as you switch the power on it stops. I have T2000 too!

    As soon as the circle in the middle of the front panel lights up white the noise is gone!
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    I always buy from e Bay, obviously avoiding click and collect. 
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    kodikid said:
    I always buy from e Bay, obviously avoiding click and collect. 
    Strained, very strained.
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    click, click . . .  now where's that coming from? Out comes the WD40! John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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