set time and date on DTR-T2000 model

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I bought this recorded some years ago and worked fine until yesterday when I noticed that it had not recorded some programmes. I pressed the guide button and it said 'no information available' to all channels and I noticed the date said Jan 1 and time was not the right time. I reprogrammed the machine today and all the channels are there but the date said Jan 2 and the time was still wrong. The guide button still said that all channels have 'no information available' How can I correct the date and time and I assume that this will then allow me to record channels? I cannot see anywhere in the set up that this can be done. It is not connected to my house wireless router as the box is in the bedroom and the router is in the lounge downstairs. 

Thanks for your assistance
Peter Dale


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    Welcome to the forum. I think that's your problem. The Youview has to be connected to broadband to work correctly with time/date. Have you tried testing box downstairs to see if the clock corrects itself? Going forwards with your setup, the best thing to do is to use a Power Line adaptor upstairs that allows you to use your Youview box with a connection to the broadband within your home. In simple terms, the PLA uses the ring main around your home to receive broadband signal from your router. Very impressive idea and solution that works!

    You can purchase a twin PLA pack for a reasonable price from most retailers. You need one connected near Youview box and one next to Router. Your box will work by itself for playing back recordings, watching live TV, but no access to on demand, jumping back 7 days plus no access to updates. Hopefully I have given you some help. Please let forum know how you get on, if you need more help. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Time is also embedded in the DTT signal, so depending on what you have plugged in, a box will either get its time from the aerial or internet. Just aerial should be fine. I'd try rebooting the box first (touch-hold the front-left button for 8 seconds, or switch it off and on at the wall) before trying to provide it with an internet connection, which shouldn't be needed.
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