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Hi all - looking for advice please.  Until very recently I was able to view on demand and subscription channels on 2 televisions.  My main tv and Virgin V6 box are fine.  They are connected to the router downstairs.  The tv in my bedroom is connected via a TP link.  The tv in the bedroom is now only showing the main channels and no longer allows catch up or viewing BBC iplayer, ITV Hub etc or the subscription Prime channel.  The error message showing when I tried to access this is YVM105 - which seems to be a problem with the connection.  I have tried all the usual things, switching off internet etc and the fact that I can view on main tv but not on the second tv suggests a problem with the connection.  Can anyone advise?  I’m not very “tech-minded” just hoping the solution is simple.


  • LukеLukе Member Posts: 84 ✭✭
    What is the TP-LINK?  I.e. is it a nano router, or power link adapters (PLA)?
    To quote @roy on a previous very similar query
    "Or is it a pair of PLAs? In which case, turn off all four devices, and then power up each in turn, starting at the router, then the PLA at that end, then the PLA at the YouView end, and then the YouView box itself.
    "But if it’s neither, or the advice doesn’t work, please come back with more details."
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