Loss of over 70 channels on Freeview

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About 2 months I was able to scan about 150 channels now it’s down to either 68 or 76



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    Hi @Notellis
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    Can you please let us know which transmitter you are tuned to? You can find out by entering your details here
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    Greetings, @Notellis and welcome to the Community!

    This is usually the consequence of moving from a full Freeview transmitter to a relay transmitter, and only getting a few of the Muxes (groups of channels) instead of most or all of them.

    The rules of this Community prevent us from asking where you live, except in the most general terms, which would not be sufficient to resolve this.

    You therefore need to go to:-
    and input your postcode and house number.

    This will tell you which transmitter you are probably receiving from, and which of the 7 muxes it gets. If this is not a main transmitter, the page will probably tell you which your nearest main transmitter is.

    Please come back and tell us the results you get.

    The presumption is that you have moved from receiving a main transmitter to receiving a relay one, but why we won’t know. Perhaps Freeview/Arqiva have done this, or perhaps your aerial has moved or deteriorated.

    It would also be useful if you could get some Signal Strength and Quality settings for a small range of channels, which you can do in the YouView box Settings menu.

    Based on the results you get, we may advise you to consult a local aerial specialist in order to get back to receiving from the main transmitter for your area.

    Edit: The link that @Sarah gives above has recently been dumbed down to only tell you your most likely transmitter, and not to tell you if it is a relay or a main transmitter, and nor indeed anything from the Detailed View option that used to be available there, now available only from the ‘professional’ link I gave. I am indebted to @The_Hiwayman for this.

    I have made my displeasure at the loss of Detailed View from the consumer link known to Freeview.
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