Pairing an iPhone 11 with a DTRT4000 Youview box

CharlieACharlieA Member Posts: 2
From reading previous posts about the issue of not being able to pair iPhones with a Youview box, it appears that this has been an issue for some time.  I even had a BT engineer look at it this morning and he was unable to resolve things.  Pairing his own Android phone was not a problem.  I’ve even just managed to pair my old iPad 2 with the box…. easily.  So, what is the problem with pairing a later iPhone.  Is it the OS?  Mine is up to date with OS14.5.1.  What else could it be?


  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 584 ✭✭
    Currently it's an issue with iOS14.5, Apple in their wisdom changed some security feature that now prevents pairing.
    BT are hoping to issue an updated BT TV app next week. I think they're fairly confident that it will be ready.

  • CharlieACharlieA Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you for that Tim C!  I’ll keep my eye open for the update.  It’s a strange one as my son has the same phone and same iOS and has paired seamlessly.
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     Hi @CharlieA
    There was an issue with the discontinued Youview app that some phones would not pair with the box unless mobile data was turned off.
    It's worth a try.
  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 584 ✭✭
    The update will hopefully be released to the App store Sunday (23) evening.
  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 584 ✭✭
    Quote from the BT Community forum.

    "Bad news I'm afraid - with the Europa League final on Wednesday and Champions League final next Saturday, the decision has been made that we're not allowed to release any updates this week. Everything related to TV and Sport is on lockdown until May 29th."
  • kodikidkodikid Member Posts: 726 ✭✭
    Bad news?
    More like catastrophic if both manc teams get European trophies 🏆
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
  • zulu17zulu17 Member, Super User Posts: 1,077 ✭✭
    @CharlieA  it should now be possible if you update to the latest version of the BT TV app which became available on the App Store last night.
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