TalkTalk DN370T - Stuck hard drive?

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Hi Everyone,
I have a TalkTalk DN370T which presented just a plain purple screen to my TV today (and the same to my other TV when I swapped them).
I can hear the hard drive start to spin up for a second if that, then it stops, no beeps or message to the screen.  It's fitted with a 320GB Western Digital drive.
I tried a bit of percussive maintenance, as suggested on a thread here but to no avail.
I have the following questions for you knowledgeable folks:
1.  I'm guessing it must be 8 or so years old and other than frustratingly overshooting ad breaks when trying to fast forward through them, it has given me little bother.  I've noticed that many of the posts on my model seem to be older, so wonder if I've been lucky to have it last this long.  If other failures are likely to be just around the corner, should I just retire it gracefully and buy something new?
2.  If I did want to squeeze a bit more life out of it, is buying another hard drive online a plug and play option or are formatting / special cables required? 
3.  Are the recordings already on the drive lost forever?  It's not the end of the world but I'd locked a few recordings to refer to and was not able to copy them onto any other medium.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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    1. This box has been replaced in the marketplace by the newer DN372T. But the ‘something new’ you should look at is the BT DTR-T4000.

    People do keep the older YouView boxes working, but I would not spend a lot of time or money on it.

    2. Putting in a replacement drive, as long as it is unformatted, has the same form factor as the existing one, and is described as suitable for video usage, is just plug and play; no cables needed, no partitioning required, the box will just take it and set it up as a new, empty, YouView drive.

    You can use a drive bigger than 320GB if that is all you can get, but the DN370T will only format it for, and use, 320GB,

    3. If you can’t restart that drive and get it going again, which some people have managed to do by hooking it up to a PC - but don’t change anything on it at all - then the recordings are lost. SD recordings can be saved from a YouView disc, as long as you can get it working, but HD recordings are encrypted, and can only be played from that hard disc, on the box they were recorded on.
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  • RollyRolly Member Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for your answers Roy.

    Even though I don't have BT, would you still recommend that BT one?  I'm not interested in access to extra channels or renting films, just want a good recorder.

    It looks like I can get a cable to connect a SATA drive to my laptop for just under a fiver, so I might take a punt on it.  Once connected, I presume there's nothing I can do to try to get it to work other than the aforementioned percussive maintenance.  Is there a certain plane in which this is most effectively applied?

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