Lost access to recordings

cannygirl49cannygirl49 Member Posts: 1
I appear to have access to only a few of my stored recording in the TV.  I have checked in the YouView app and they appear there.  How can I access them to watch in the TV?


  • StephenStephen Member Posts: 755 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi there - I assume you've just had the update from the Main Menu to the new Home Screen - you need to press OK on the "MyTV" button on the left edge of the screen to see your full view of all your recordings (as you pressed OK before on the MyTV heading before the update) - the summary view to the right of the button just shows your most recent 10 items (exactly as the summary view in the Main Menu did before the update)

    Hope this helps!
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    @Stephen @Sarah

    You guys must be chewing bumblebees at the number of people who have now reported this difficulty, let alone the silent number who have experienced it and said nothing, and maybe gone away unfulfilled.

    The seductive power of thumbnails is proving to be a two-edged sword; do you think my suggestion that the leftmost item, the one that leads to what they are all seeking if they did but know it, should pop when they are on that row, would help here?
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    Here, here @roy! Well said. Totally agree. The amount of users who have had to contact the forum in desperation or who haven't as yet!

    As mentioned in one of my postings I had to explain the new layout to my elderly mother. Luckily for her she can cope, only because I was able to show. She would have been in a right state panicking to find her recordings if not shown. A note to the design team, I appreciate the cursor defaults to the mytv+ icon if you arrow down from any thumbnails above, but some users will not see this on first glance. It is rather a trick test to some users trying navigate. Roll on the next update. What's next? John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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