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Hi all

I have just bought a house and have a Cabelcon 3.9 cable near where the TV should go. There is no matching port on the back of my Panasonic TV. How can I get basic TV channels using this Cabelcon 3.9 cable? If I buy a Freeview box will the Cabelcon cable just plug into the back of the Freeview box?

Posting from the UK, if that matters!



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    You need a terrestrial aerial to receive Freeview channels.

    Cable or satellite connections will not work 

    If you don't have an external or loft aerial you will need to consult a local installer for advice and installation.

    Be wary of those internet installers who come up first with mobile only numbers. They are probably not local.
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    That cable type ("f connector") is generally from satellite dishes or cable, it's only really used for aerials in industrial settings, so I'd be very surprised if it was connected to an aerial at the other end in a residential building. The sockets on Freeview and YouView boxes (and built-in Freeview tunes in TVs like yours) are co-ax connectors, which is what you should expect in the wall of a new build if it had an aerial. So my bets are on this cable being for Sky/Freesat/Virgin not Freeview, but you'd need to find out which before you either bought a Freesat box or set up Sky/Virgin.

    Also, this forum is specifically for users of YouView boxes, and whilst we can certainly help you, you're likely to get more help on a broader A/V or TV help forum. Can I ask what search term might have brought you here?

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    I might seriously question the wisdom of letting a piece of cable, which for all you know might not even be connected to anything, dictate what platform I would use in my new house going forward.

    Especially as it is a house, and one you have bought, so you are not beholden to any landlord, much less to any communal arrangement.

    Have a walk around outside; is there a Sky dish up, or some indication one has been taken away? Have a scrote round in the loft, see if you can see any wiring up there that might indicate what this cable was.

    Maybe even ask the previous owners of the house about the cable, if you are still in touch.

    And then freely choose how you want to go forward; Freeview, with a terrestrial TV aerial? Sky, or Freesat, with a dish? Virgin, if your area is served by them, with cable?

    And are you keeping the Panny, which seems not to have connectors for Freesat, or getting a new TV for your new house?

    Naturally, our leaning is towards Freeview, with a YouView PVR to record the stuff you might otherwise miss, even with so much catch-up about, and skip the ads on the commercial channels.

    But there is other Freeview equipment out there too.

    And you don’t have to subscribe to Sky, now that most of what they provide you can get, selectively, on Now, probably more cheaply than a Sky subscription, and with no long-term commitment.

    So figure out what you want to do, not letting a few quid’s-worth of existing cable sway you in any way.
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    Thanks everyone! Much appreciated 
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