Router has to be restarted after using YouView box

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Every time I use the YouView box to watch some programs I have to restart the router to get the internet to work on my laptop or iPhone. Why?


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    Good morning @fivish,
    Welcome to the forum. Assuming the issue is mainly with the Youview box. Have you also tried resetting your Youview box? How do I do this? I hear you ask. First try doing a soft reset. Press the power button for 8 seconds. See if this works. If it doesn't, then go into trying a maintenance mode option 2 reset. Full instructions can be found by simply typing maintenance mode at the top of this page in search bar under help/support. Hopefully you will be able to solve your problem. Please let the forum know how you get on. Youview boxes often need resetting. If the issue is not Youview box, you may need to look for help via pc/phone website.
    John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    I don’t think I’ve come across quite this issue before; but I did have a case where letting a visitor use our WiFi required a reboot of the router afterwards, so the rest of us could use the internet again. Repeatable, and rebooting his laptop didn’t cure it 😢

    But it was obviously a problem with that laptop, somewhere.

    A healthy YouView box won’t do this; but as above, a slightly deranged one could well cause your issue.

    And @John L’s advice above to try to un-derange the YouView box is right on the money, and certainly the place to start.

    Lets hope it fixes it; but if not, please let us know the make and model of router, and whether it is ISP-supplied, and so should be under support from them, or whether it is a third-party one you bought yourself.

    Then we can probably help you to narrow down where you need to go for any necessary further support.
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