Now(Now TV) package changes on the way.

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This link was posted over on the BT forums but dont know how much truth there is in the story and someone from BT is still to confirm if this will also affect BT customers. Im on the Now Big Entertainment pack with HD add on.
NOW TV cuts prices and adds more content for free in major shake-up |


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    Still no mention of 4k ☹.
    £5 for boost is ridiculous. 
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    From Now themselves:-

    But Now giveth, and Now taketh away.

    Cinema, always the dodgy proposition given that it only ever has about 1,000 movies, less than 5% of the total of movies out there, is either cheaper, or with Boost, the same as it was with Boost before.

    Kids is now free with Entertainment, but now the number of simultaneous streams has been cut from 2 to 1 for non-Boost members. Boost has to be factored in to get the practical benefits of this.

    The big losers are non-Boost Entertainment users who have been exploiting the 2 streams; this will now drop to 1, so to get back where they were, they will need to add the Boost, and they haven’t been offered a cheaper Boost like Cinema members are effectively getting.

    I expect the biggest pushback to come from this group, which may be larger than Now thinks it is.
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    Yep got an email today saying that we got 6 new channels added and they are the kids channels moved to the entertainment channels roy the kids channels moved on the 8th but the changes start on the 15th of July with a booster now £5 from the and also from the 15th of  the movie package goes down from £11 two £9.99.
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    @Ken Hill1 I never got any email to say 6 new channels added and I'm on the Big Entertainment package with HD add on.
    Have just tried Now and yes the kids channels have been added.
    Wonder if come July BT will drop the price of the Big Entertainment package as Sky Cinema will drop back to £9.99.
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    When was Discovery removed from Now TV? I only ask as the last time I had Now the Discovery channel was part of the lineup and I see today on both BT and Now TV websites there is no mention of it.
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    Discovery now hides on it's own streaming platform,  The brilliantly named Discovery +.
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    @robotman not gone yet but

    After 30 June, you won’t be able to watch Discovery and Fox as part of your package (although recordings from these channels will stay on your TV box until 1 August).

    I wonder if the discovery app might start to make some appearances on devices.
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    I get Discovery+ free for 12 months with my Sky sub. With current Sky offers ending soon I'm weighing up my options going forward.
    I've watched loads on it already, I'm a bit of a crime buff, and never watch any drivel a la Deadliest Catch etc, of which there is too much of on telly nowadays. Remember when History channel actually had history programming?  ;) I hate the Reality TV rubbish. :)

    I'd be surprised if D+ isn't pushed onto more devices before too long. The only thing we watch on Fox is NCIS, with the current season ending before the 30th, so no big loss there. Hopefully NCIS will be available next year to stream, fingers crossed  :)
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    I have never thought about getting Discovery +. I do at times watch the Discovery Channel via Now and have no interest in getting Britbox.
    Have not watched the History Channel or Sky History as it's now called for a few years now.
    I have found since getting Fox back when I changed BT TV packages tNow via BT that I have not watched Fox as much as I used too.
    I do seem to like a good few ABC shows and shows that are made for ABC.
    I already have Prime, Netflix but I share the monthly Netflix fee with my sister for 2 screens plus HD,
    Have Now Big Entertainment package plus HD add on via BT and have had Disney + about 3 months now.
    I'm hopping BT will in July pass on the drop in price for Sky Cinema to there BT TV Now customers like me.
    Just a shame the HD Boost is going up. As the saving I may make on Sky Cinema if BT pass on the drop in price will be added to the cost of the HD Boost that I also have.

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    Do you know of any cases where BT charge differently for Now than Now’s published prices?

    I think of the Cinema/Boost package as designed to stay the same price, so Cinema is pushed down by the same as Boost is pushed up. I think Now have a good idea of what the market will bear, and Cinema is about at its limit.

    What you do with Netflix seems to be what Now are trying to prevent with the basic Entertainment membership, if that is indeed their motive. Or maybe they needed a bigger gap between having a Boost and not having one, now that the Boost has gone up, and offering 4K is still a distant dream.
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    @Roy BT have always so far offered the same price as Now. BT just sometimes not always pass on the same price as soon as Now change there prices but are not far behind offering the same price.
    You could be right about Now trying to prevent what im doing with Netflix with their basic Entertainment membership.
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    I think having the ability to watch on 2 different screens actually retains membership. 
    My daughter effectively watches now, prime and Netflix foc as she uses my log in details. 
    So unlike Visionman I don't have the luxury of cancelling as it would also effect my daughter. So if they did place restrictions I would gladly cancel with a clear conscience. 
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