How can I delete a program I recorded and watched?

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How  can I delete a program I recorded and watched?


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    How  can I delete a program I recorded and watched?
    Hello @petererdos,
    Welcome to the Youview forum. It should be very straight forward. The menu actually shows a cursor prompt at bottom of screen as you move your remote over the tiles. So for a single recordings, from within MyTV menu simply move across to the recording & hit the delete button on your Remote control.

    If you have a Series of recordings though, be very careful! or you could accidently delete/erase the entire series. If you have a Series of recordings, and only want to delete one recording/or more, simply click on the series tile & this will take you to another page with each individual recoding. You can then delete each one at a time. Trust this makes sense? Please let forum know how you get on/if you need more help. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Re T2000/4000
    On the bottom row of your youview remote buttons there is one far right on the end marked Delete/sub.
    Just highlight the item you want to delete and press said button.
    Job done.
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    A small addition to the wise advice you have had above.

    The usual mistake that people make with recordings (well, me anyway, in the early days at least) is to try and delete them when they are still running, or still on the screen. This invokes the Sub option, so instead of being deleted, all that happens is that subtitles turn on! (Or off, if they were already on).

    So you need to exit the recording before you can Delete it.

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    It is also possible to delete recordings using the BT TV App on paired Ios/Android mobile devices.
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    How  can I delete a program I recorded and watched?
    The deletion of recorded programmes is actioned via the MyTV page.  I suspect you have been attempting to use the play shortcuts to delete recordings instead of the MyTV page.
    The method of getting to the MyTV page is slightly different if you have a pre-2014 model or your youview box hasn't yet updated to this year's new home page layout.

    For most youview boxes first of all press the blue youview button on your remote.  This will display the youview home page.  The list of options is on the left and goes past the bottom of the screen.  To the right of each option are shortcuts in the form of picture tiles.  Ignore those picture tiles and instead scroll down to the third row.  The title of this row is "RECORDINGS & WATCHLIST" (or for a very few "RECORDINGS"), and the option on the left is "MYTV".  Select MYTV and the "Recordings" page will then be displayed giving you access to all your recordings and you will also be able to select any of them and delete using the Del button on your remote.  If the recording you want to delete has been recorded as part of a series, before deleting, make sure that you have selected the series from the MYTV page so that you can select the individual episode that you want to delete.

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