Intermittent Sound on ITV Hub on JVC TV

g0fajg0faj Member Posts: 1
JVC TV Model LT32C695B.  We have a sound problem on ITV Hub.  The sound breaks up about 20 seconds before and advert break.. ITV Hub have told us to contact the suppliers Currys but I have tried that before and they couldn't help.  I have tried to update the software as suggested by ITV Hub but it says there are no updates available. The software is dated 2019.  Can anyone help please ??n The TV is about 2 years old.


  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Member, Super User Posts: 581 ✭✭

    This forum is for YouView set top boxes and YouView enabled TVs (Sony).

    You would be best addressing this issue to a JVC TV forum, or one for ITV hub issues 

    We have a diverse range of people on here, so maybe someone with your TV may be able to help, but as said you'd be best seeking help on a dedicated forum 
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    Also try posting your question over on the Digital Spy forums.
    The Digital Spy forums are very good.
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