Lost bbc channels

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Lost all bbc channels , we have gone from 124 channels down to 22 on our box.


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    Are you on the Bilsdale transmitter, the one that had the fire?

    Has your TV aerial, if external, blown down, or been rotated?

    Do you have a masthead amplifier with an external power supply feeding it up one of the aerial cables? Has this been switched off or disconnected (which usually happens when no-one can see what the box is for, and so switch it off to see what happens, or just because they want the mains socket for something else)?

    Has somebody put a nail through, disconnected, or otherwise disturbed, your aerial path from aerial to TV?

    Have a look at this list of multiplexes:-

    Which multiplex or multiplexes are the 22 channels you still get coming from?

    Is there a multiplex, or are there multiplexes, where you get some channels, but not others?

    And (only if the results from the above seem anomalous), can you please list the 22 channels you do still get?
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