TV guide not working properly on Sony TV

jalstonjalston Member Posts: 1
Hi just need some help. The TV was working perfectly but has recently displayed ‘information not available’ on most channels on current tv and all backwards dates. Does anybody else have this? And how do you fix it? The internet is connected and I’ve tried retuning several times.


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,056 ✭✭✭

    Point the remote at the TV, and hold your finger on the On/Standby button of the remote for just over 5 seconds until the TV soft reboots.

    See if this fixes it.

    Otherwise we will need to know what model the TV is in order to figure out what model year it is, and exactly what cache where you will need to clear.

    Or, carry out a full Factory Reset on the TV. 

    A nuke rather that a surgical strike, drastic but effective, though.
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