Picture size has changed and won’t change back

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help. I woke up this morning and turned on the box, and all apps/channels playing via my YouView box are a square shape. I have gone into my tv settings and made sure picture size is 16:9, I have soft reset my YouView box, and I have turned all of it off and on again! Does anyone have any more advice on how to get the picture to fit the screen again? Interestingly, the YouView welcome screen after reset fits the screen, and all of the non-YouView tv channels are unaffected. Thanks 


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    Hi @gjbibby and welcome to the Community!

    What do you mean by a non-YouView TV channel? Do you mean a TV channel watched directly on the TV, or do you mean a non-BT channel (assuming you have a BT TV subscription) watched on the YouView box?

    The usual way that the YouView box would give you a square (4:3) picture is that you are watching a programme that was originally made in 4:3, as YouView are quite purist about this, and convert such a programme into the 12:9 (4:3) of your 16:9 (5.333 recurring:3) screen.

    Some of the channels 50-99 show nothing but, and even the 1-49 channels and their HD equivalents where present will occasionally show a programme in this format.

    So tune your YouView box to channel 1, BBC1, and to channel 101, BBC1 HD, and see if these are 4:3 (square). And if they are, are they squashed up, or have they got their edges trimmed off? And just to ensure this isn’t BBC1 showing an old programme, try BBC2 as well.

    Then try the same on your TV directly, and see what the result is. (If you don’t have the extra aerial cable going from the YouView box to the TV, you can unplug the aerial cable from the YouView box and plug it directly into the TV to try this).

    If the picture directly on the TV is 4:3, then your issue is with the TV, or its settings.

    But if the YouView box is definitely putting out 4:3 while the TV is showing the same programme in 16:9, then you have an issue with the YouView box, which always puts out 16:9 (even 4:3 programmes are shown in 16:9, with the YouView box putting the black bars either side) and has no setting to switch away from this. 

    If this is indeed the case, then try a Maintenance Mode Option 2 reset; this will keep your recordings and your network connection, but unavoidably needs to reset nearly everything else.

    Follow the instructions carefully, and make sure you use the ones for your particular box:-


    If this doesn’t fix it, please come back and tell us what box you have, and what TV model, and how they are connected, an HDMI cable or what.
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