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Hope someone can advise me. 
I have youview boxes at home set up with aerial and with ethernet cable to the internet.
My question is if I take one of the boxes to a relative's house for Christmas (they have no internet) would I be able to plug in and play what has been already recorded? 
If so do I need to make sure I have any particular leads and any particular sockets in their TV ?
Thanks for any help 


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    Good forward planning!

    Yes, you can play your recordings, as long as they are of broadcast programmes and not, if you have a BT TV subscription, recorded from there.

    You will need your box, plus its power supply if it has an external one, as most boxes now do, a mains cable, and most likely an HDMI cable to connect to their TV.

    So make sure they have a spare HDMI input*, and that it is accessible (sometimes a problem with wall-mounted TVs).

    You don’t need, and indeed can’t use, your Ethernet cable.

    You don’t need a TV aerial cable, as long as you are only going to play back your recordings**.

    Because there will be no Ethernet connection, your recordings will not display  their coloured thumbnails, but you will get the title and date information shown, in white on a black background for each tile, which should be enough for you to find the ones you want.

    *If they haven’t got HDMI (very unlikely, though) and your YouView box has a SCART out, then you will need a SCART cable instead of an HDMI cable.

    **If you think you are going to want to record while you are there, you will need:-
    to retune the broadcast channels if their house is served by a different transmitter from yours;
    to plug their TV aerial into your YouView box;
    a male to female aerial cable to go from your YouView box to their TV;
    not to turn the YouView box right off while you are there, though it will be OK to put it in standby.

    I suggest that you emulate this setup now, at home, by disconnecting the Ethernet and the TV aerial, and ensuring that my description above is complete, and that it does work like that.

    Please come back and confirm all is OK, or report any issues you encounter.
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    Also useful advice in this earlier thread for a closely similar problem from a closely similar poster.

    Though what the intended word that got auto-corrected to ‘billfold’ was, I can’t imagine 😛
    ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’ Wm Morris
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    Thankyou. That's really helpful. I will give it a trial run at home first but that sounds fairly simple so should be good to go.
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