BBC iplayer sound and graphics but no picture

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If this happens, best to switch on/off at mains. Worked immediately for me after trying everything else. It's a fault with the YouView box which often tunes out amd becomes inactive if not turned off at the mains every 10 to 14 days. Hope this helps


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    Hmmm, not sure if we’ve seen any earlier reports of this. What model of YouView box is it? The old T1000s can go a bit iffy, I know.

    You might, instead of just power cycling the box, like to try touching the On/Standby button on the box for just over 8 seconds, at which it will reboot itself in a controlled manner after an orderly shutdown.

    A further, slightly more drastic reset, though one that will still keep your recordings is a Maintenance Mode Option 2 reset:-

    Make sure you follow the instructions for your particular box, as they vary a bit from model to model.

    See if it makes your box last more than a couple of weeks at a time…
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    I've had the issue of the box failing to respond if not used, quite a lot over the years and call it Holiday Blues, as it happens when i go away and the box is not used for a while. If i go away on a saturday the box usually fails to record, when it happens, on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Ive reported this a number of times to both TalkTalk and Youview but as its intermittent it has proved impossible to pin down. It happens to both TalkTalk and humax boxes.
    Others on the TalkTalk forum have also reported this.
    I have, though, not had this issue since the start of the pandemic (nor have there been any recent reports on the TT forum) probably because the boxes are in use more, or maybe one of the maintenance updates has actually fixed it.
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    But its not related to the iPlayer and as @Pats has commented on a more specific topic in this respect, maybe they can change the title of this thread to something like Box hibernates after a few days inactivity?
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