BT DTR-T2100 internet connection fault

Andy38Andy38 Member Posts: 1
My BT DTR-T2100 box broadband connection is hard wired via devolo magic 2 power network adapters. The broadband connection is fine from morning until late evening and then fails with a YVM104 error and I'm unable to reconnect to the internet.  If I leave the box on standby over night, it works fine again in the morning (apps available) and then fails again late evening.   


  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 589 ✭✭
    Try rebooting/repairing the powerline adapters but more likely to be some interference affecting them. Christmas lights are a prime example of interference causers.
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    If @Tim C ’s good advice doesn’t fix it :-

    Does it fail at the exact same time each day?

    When it fails, are any other devices affected, hardwired or WiFi?

    When it fails, are there any lights on the Devolos that change to reflect the failure?

    When it fails, can you get a laptop (say) with its WiFi switched off, connect it via the same Ethernet cable that normally goes into the YouView box, and see whether that is connecting OK, or also can’t reach the internet?
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