JVC Smart TV lost the ability to connect wirelessly to internet

I have inherited a JVC Smart TV approx 3 years old. It was working fine until I connected wirelessly to the internet and then it started turning itself on and off. Took it to TV repair man and when not connected to internet the tv works fine. Brought it home and when I tried to reconnect it to the internet, the option to connect wirelessly has gone! I only have the option to have wired device or disable. When I searched Google it suggested there could have been a power surge and this has damaged the main control board. When I spoke to my tv repair guy he says it would be too expensive to repair. I can use tv but without all the added features linked to internet.  Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know if there is another way to connect to internet without a cable, as my tv is in a different room to my Router?


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    Hi, this forum is for YouView devices such as set top boxes and Sony TVs.
    You may be better off addressing your problem to a JVC forum or something like Digital Spy, which is more generic.
    Unless someone here is au fait with JVC tvs it's unlikely you will get the answer to your query, although you  ever know.
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    Mate don't bother,  if the screen is ok just throw a streaming stick in. Be far superior to what your JVC could ever offer.
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
  • I have been looking at Powerline Ethernet adapters so I don’t have to have cables across the room, has anyone had experience of using these?
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    I use them on multiple devices with little or no problems.
    I'd recommend you get throughput versions, i.e. those that have a plug point on their face so you can still plug other devices in. Do not use them in extension leads as this degrades their ability to work.
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    So you took it to a TV repairman because it crashes when you use the internet over WiFi, and he didn’t fix it, merely reported that it works fine when you don’t use the internet over WiFi, and when you tried to use it again after it was returned, you couldn’t even get the WiFi option?

    That is something you might want to discuss with him, with particular reference as to whether he tried the WiFi on his internet, and it hasn’t switched back to yours?
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