UK TV Play app not always working.

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Would have posted a few days ago but thought I would try and put up with it.
For a week or so now when I go to the UK TV Play app on both the BT retail and box I got of BT the UK TV play app sometimes just seems to freeze after it loads up and only after switching off the Youview box and letting it reboot then the UK TV Play app seems to work. 
Other times the UK TV Play app will work with no problems.
All other apps on the Youview boxes work fine.
The UK TV Play app was working fine on the Amazon Fire Stick until the same happened yesterday. First time the UK TV Play app has jamed on the Fire Stick.
Is the UK TV Play app playing up and is anyone else having minor problems with it.
Im singed in to  same account on all the UK TV Play apps.
The UK TV seems to be working fine on my iPad Mini 6 running iPadOS 15.1.


  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @Darren
    Are there any particular pieces of content you've found this to happen with a lot on the app? Some examples would be helpful so we can try testing it on our end. Does this happen at any time of day or does it seem worse at certain times? 
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    Hi @Sarah Thanks for your reply.
    It don't seem at happen at a certain time of day. 
    When the UK TV Play app loads to the home screen it sometimes just freezes and you cant move up or down the UK TV Play home screen to select what show you want to watch.
    Other times the UK TV play app works fine.
    Its also once jammed when I went to select old episodes of Last of the summer wine and One Foot in the grave but it meanly dose it at times after the home screen on the loads. 
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