lost all channels on box

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Hi all, a bit naïve here. I have never had a aerial into the back of my box but have happily received all the apps and netflix etc until today. It is linked to the router(still working) and my tv is still letting me watch freeview through my sky box, why then has my box stopped working? tried to retune it and it says there is no aerial. See above, never has been. I have reset it, re tuned it and still nothing. Help.


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    Have you checked your ethernet cable from the Youview box to the router as sometimes that can go faulty.
    Also try turning your router off for a min or so then turning it back on and letting it reboot.
    Let us all know how you get on.

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    showbiz said:
     my tv is still letting me watch freeview through my sky box, why then has my box stopped working? tried to retune it and it says there is no aerial. 

    Hi @showbiz
    You mention Freeview and sky, do you have a Youview box also? How is it connected in the chain? Youview Box will say no signal if no aerial feed is connected. It's how it's designed. Youview boxes need to be connected to broadband + aerial to tune in & locate location when retuning/when setting up, but can be used without aerial for playback of recordings and also catch-up TV content after this has been done. Have you tested aerial by swapping aerial leads over etc? This maybe where confusion is? Just want to check that you have a Youview box, you be surprised how many queries we have about TV equipment and nothing to do with Youview. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Presuming we are talking about a YouView box, you can’t use one without having tuned in the broadcast channels, at least at some point in the past.

    So if you had the box from new, how did it get tuned?

    Or did you buy it secondhand, not wiped, and it had the channels from before?

    Have you even got a television aerial? Since with Sky, you only need a dish.

    Maybe an indoor aerial was used?

    Maybe it was taken to somebody else's house, and tuned there?

    And why has your box stopped working? At a guess, something happened (we don’t know what) and you decided, read, or were advised, to do a retune.

    A Julia Roberts moment 😢

    Without an aerial connected, any channels you might have had tuned from before were wiped out. And now the box really won’t work.

    So you need to tune it with an aerial, one of:-
    tune it with a fixed TV aerial you have;
    tune it with a portable aerial you have, or can buy;
    take it to a place nearby that does have a TV aerial you can use, and tune it there.

    After which, if the box still isn’t working right, we can look at the issue(s) again, though preferably while it is still connected to an aerial.
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