The new BT TV pro box

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Ive raised a support call with BT (to solve a dead pro box -flashing power light- after only 2 days) but am wondering whether this box is any good?  Looks like it's been out a year. Is it reliable?


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    The nice thing for those of you with a BT TV contract is that you don’t have to care very much about that, apart from if you lose recordings.

    Which after two days, you likely won’t have very many of.

    But as regards anything of moderate complexity and up, there’s a thing called the bathtub curve (think cross-section of a bath) whereby quite a few devices arrive DOA, or fail very quickly, then the ones that survive have a long period of reliability, and then the failure rates go up again with age.

    So you can’t extrapolate from a few early failures of Pro boxes; while T1000s must have been modelled on a bath no fat person could sit in 😛
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  • dealerabdealerab Member Posts: 55
    Let's hope the Pro follows the profile of  U shaped valley then (to offer a different analogy) rather than V.
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