BT Pro software version information - what are the different categories

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Hi all,

At the time of the March BT TV Pro box software update, the Admin explained that there was no accompanying release information as this was a rarer update to platform configuration software.

Could someone explain simply what the following are in the software version screen on my BT Pro box:

·      Component software

·      Manufacturer software

·      Platform configuration

·      ISP configuration

 And if you’re on a roll, how this relates to YouView Core Device software and Platform software

 This is purely out of curiosity. Someone posted a similar question on the BT Community but there has been a quite the silence so far. Hoping to get more joy with the YouView community ….


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    edited 24 April 2022, 1:25PM

    - Component software - software from Youview

    - Manufacturer software - software from sagecom

    - ISP configuration - with BT as the ISP then software/configuration from BT

    - Platform configuration - "Describes a set of parameters that allow the behaviour of the device to be configured after deployment without requiring the software to be updated" (to quote from the 2011 'YouView Core Technical Specification')

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    Thanks very much Luke. Particular thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Core Technical Specification (bet you don't hear that too often!). There's a section in chapter 6 (p.68) that goes a bit more into the detail and nuance.

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