PVR button is illuminated constantly and remote is not working.

PVR button is illuminated constantly and remote is not working. Any ideas on what has caused this and how to put it right.


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,456 ✭✭✭
    Press the TV button, and see if this toggles the PVR button off.

    Check that the button is not stuck down, by comparing it with the On/Standby and TV buttons, when holding the remote horizontal at eye level.

    If it is, try wiggling it until it is free.

    If the remote is bust, though, you can easily find new ones to buy online.

    I bought a cheap Chinese knock-off of the curvy black one when the skip forward button on it failed; though it is not, alas, ‘surplus stock’ from the official manufacturer, but an observably inferior copy, in which the centre buttons have a lot more travel, and don’t work as easily.

    But it does work, and for 30% of the price of a genuine one, will suffice for my least-used YouView box. However, if this is your only YouView box, get a genuine remote, as I judge it worth the higher price.
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    Try a tiny spray of WD-40 on a piece of kitchen paper and rub this on and around the button. 
  • SotonianSotonian Member Posts: 1
    Having read all sorts of other possible remedies on You Tube and on forums, I tried this as a last resort, and blow me down, it works. I didn't bother with the piece of kitchen paper, I just squirted a little bit of WD-40 straight at the PVR button with the nozzle and wiped off the surplus. I replaced the batteries and hey presto, the light had gone off except when any other button pressed as normal.
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