BT TV app still working on youview?

paulsbeatonpaulsbeaton Member Posts: 4
Is the BT TV app still working on youview boxes without BT subscription?

I made the terrible mistake of moving to virgin but I’m now back using my old T1000.

I’ll miss the virgin tv go app for setting recordings when I’m not home though. I may buy a newer youview model if the mentioned app is still functioning.

thanks all. 


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    Yes the BT TV app still works with Youview. I use still use it at times if im at my sisters or in my house to see whats on the Now channels for the evening. As the Now EPG only gives you whats on now and next. Dont know if the EPG on the BT TV app will show the Now channels for non BT broadband customers. As im currently still on BT FTTC until my contract is up early next year then I will decide then if I what to stay with BT for FTTC of move to another FTTC ISP. Maybe someone thats moved from BT broadband to another ISP could say if the BT TV app still shows Now channels for non BT customers.
    I also once in a while use the BT TV app to record Freeview channels.
    So once you liknk the BT TV app with your Youview box the app should work fine.

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  • paulsbeatonpaulsbeaton Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply. Any idea what current devices it’ll work with? Pretty sure I’ll get a reasonably priced option on eBay.
  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Member, Super User Posts: 640 ✭✭
    All the T2 series T4000 and BT pro box.
    And the TalkTalk DN372T, but not the 370T one.
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    @Darren @paulsbeaton

    I just knocked off the WiFi on a couple of devices, and as I expected, the BT TV App still shows the Now channels.

    As it would be a bit frustrating if BT TV Now customers couldn’t set remote recordings when they were out and about, on their mobile ISP who may not be BT.

    It’s the YouView box alone that won’t show Now channels unless you are connected to BT Broadband.

    As regards boxes the BT TV app will or won’t work with, the T1010 isn’t mentioned above, except several posts down in the link. As this is just a T1000 in a prettier frock, this won’t work with BT TV either, unsurprisingly. Avoid.
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