How do I keep my youview box on talk talk when I turn it off

Sometimes it stays connected to Talk Talk other times it does not. I then have to use the  original remote to change the source back to talk talk from TV. It is a Samsung smart TV.


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    Hi @Dave Bannister,
    Welcome to the Youview forum. From what you mention you maybe talking about 2 separate issues?

    When you mention about connecting to Talk Talk, do you mean your broadband/internet connection is not working correctly? Have you tried doing a soft reset? Press power button on Youview box for 8 seconds. Does your router work ok with other devices? Worth checking + also making sure powerline adaptors paired correctly (if used). Try re-pairing them, as they sometimes play up. 

    With regards Remote control, have you setup your Samsung tv's remote to work with your Youview box/set up the HDMI connection on tv's setting for the Samsung to automatically switch on your Youview box? Has it worked ok before? See how you get on & let the foum know if you need more help/advice.
    John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Sometimes it stays connected to Talk Talk other times it does not. I then have to use the  original remote to change the source back to talk talk from TV. It is a Samsung smart TV.
    Greetings @Dave Bannister and welcome to the Community!

    If I understand your question correctly, you have the YouView box on a particular HDMI channel, and sometimes when you put the YouView box back into standby, and later turn it on again, the TV selects that HDMI channel, but sometimes it does not?

    This is all down to the vagaries of CEC, which Samsung call Anynet+.

    For Samsung, I think it depends on the history of what input changes you have made, if any,  since turning off the YouView box; if you have chosen TV, or another HDMI channel manually, then turning on the YouView box again will not override that.

    But turning the TV off should remove this history. So to always guarantee that the TV will come on on the YouView HDMI input, turn the TV off, and then restart it by turning the YouView box back on.

    However, I haven’t got a YouView box on a Samsung TV any more, just on LG. Who call CEC Simplink.

    With this, turning on the YouView box with the TV already turned on always switches to the HDMI input with the YouView box on it. And likewise with the TV off, when it has been off for a few minutes; the TV turns on, and switches to YouView. 

    But when the TV has only been off for a few minutes or less, turning on the YouView box turns on the TV, but the TV stays on whichever channel it was on last.

    I’d call this a bug in the LG CEC; there’s no justification for it that I can see. But I don’t do this anyway, as another bug, or incompatibility, means that turning on the YouView box with the TV off makes the LG soundbar switch to HDMI, when I want eARC; so I never do it,

    But the LG always turning to YouView when YouView is switched on, while on the Samsung it depends on what the last user input was whether this happens or not, I would call just a manufacturer difference; there’s a good argument either way as to whether the YouView box should just grab the input (LG), or whether it should come on only in the background, respecting the latest user input choice (Samsung).

    Though it sounds as though on your Samsung, this is what is happening, and you might prefer the LG approach; which you can get on the Samsung by always turning the TV off before turning the YouView box back on.

    Maybe someone with a Samsung TV can confirm if my recollection is faulty or not, or perhaps only applies to my older Samsung sets? (Pre-2019)

    Try it, anyway.
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