Aura Subtitle Problem

Hi everyone. Hope somebody can help me. I have the Aura box, which, apart from the **** App, I’ve had no issues with. Until now. I use subtitles sometimes so don’t have it on as a permanent setting. I use the S/AD button, but today that button’s menu is completely different and no Subtitle option. I’ve never seen this Audio/Video Options menu before as usually the option for subtitles pops up and I press the < to set it up then exit out. It’s not the end of the world as I can switch subtitles on and off via the settings button, but it’s just weird that the menu seems to have gone. My Firmware version is 00.09.21 which I believe is the most up to date?


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    Maybe someone on here can help you. For thats not really a Youview type box and more of a Freeview Play/Android type box and this is a Youview Community forum. As you may know as you have posted here in the past.
    Best bet is to post over on the Digital Spy Forums that I also use a lot.
    You may get a better answer over there.
  • Just posting on a few forums where I’ve had help in the past. Thank you for responding.
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