BT TV Box Pro Software Update 4.0.220 / 0.5.252

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Please feel free to discuss the latest BT TV Box Pro Software update 0.5.252 / 4.0.220 here. 

This update adds the 'Find my remote control' feature and also enables recordings from the timeshift buffer.



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    Thanks for the ability to record from the timeshift buffer.  It is very welcome.  I don't tend to watch live TV but sometimes do accidentality, and the ability to record from the buffer when that occurs is welcome.
    It also enable creation of 5 overlapping programmes by having the box record normally 4 of the 5 programmes, including the one that finishes soonest, while tuned to the channel for one of the last of the five to finish and then, once the first to finish has finished, to record the fifth from the buffer.

    It is not all singing all dancing but even a limited feature is useful and will also probably help when comparing its recording ability to other PVRs, e.g. the Manhattan T3-R.

    The Manhattan T3-R can create recordings for every programme in the buffer, not just the programme that is currently being broadcast, but any in the buffer from when you tuned to the channel, and another PVR, that I use, allows you to pick your instant recording start time from the buffer. The BT TV Box Pro limits its recording from the buffer to the current programme that is being broadcast.  What that, means is that if you have paused a live programme and then resume play you could be watching the programme from the buffer after that programme has finished broadcasting.  If that happens the record request will be rejected with "<Programme> has ended and can't be recorded". 

    When successfully starting to record a live programme from the BT TV Box Pro buffer, a pop-up message is displayed:
    "<Programme> is now recording. As the programme has already started, the recording may be incomplete".
    The original pre 4.0.220 / 0.5.25 short form pop-up "<Programme> is now recording" is instead displayed when the tuning in to the channel was less than 20 seconds ago, which IMHO is reasonable.
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    Should built in an option to choose between old and new views.
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