Virgin Media dials up chatter of a £3bn swoop for TalkTalk

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  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Member, Super User Posts: 772 ✭✭
    I saw a similar article last week but appear speculation then.
    If you thought TalkTalk customer service was poor now just wait until these two institutions get combined!
    Wonder if that will be an end to the City Fibre tie-up if it goes through?
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    In a purely selfish manner I’d prefer if Vodafone would buy TalkTalk. 

    They would then be quad play (Landline, Internet, Mobile & TV) in the same way as Sky & BT. 

    I am a Vodafone mobile customer with Sky Q and a Sony YouView TV. 
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    Can't see Vodafone matching Virgins offer...they seem intent on taking over TalkTalk. 

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    Virgin Media do seem to have the money.
    I could have moved to Virgin Media for fibre but was told by two or three people to avoid them due to their customer service.
    Virgin Media been in my area since 2019.
    TalkTalk still has too many mixed reviews and whoever buys TalkTalk and it looks like it could be Virgin Media will not improve the TalkTalk service overnight.
    My sister moved to Vodafone for her FTTC  broadband just under a year ago and has had very little problems with it.
    Openreach FTTP has been delayed in coming my area twice. Now they say May area may get FTTP by April 2024.
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