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Why can't I receive bbc I player on you view 


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    Bronco10 said:
    Why can't I receive bbc I player on you view 
    Hi  @Bronco10

    Nope, sorry, but I’m afraid this isn’t how the Community works 😢

    You have already started a thread about your issue, and you shouldn’t start a second one.

    Instead, go back to your first thread, where @Stevef_fr8ys  has already asked you for some further information, and either choose Quote from under his posting and reply in the box that opens up, or reply in Leave a Comment.

    Either way, give the requested information.

    With it, we can probably help you a lot. Without it, we just don’t have enough to go on.

    But keep everything in that thread, and we will tease out your difficulty as well as we can.
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