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I've just bought a human t4000 bt youview box, I'm on talktalk but as I used a bt youview box (until it broke) I thought this one would work too. The features eg recording and apps work but I can't find any HD channels. The sd channels work, though its like watching through a glass tumbler. Am I doing something wrong? It's so annoying and the person who sold it to me doesn't accept returns 


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    Have you done a full factory reset since getting it?
    This will wipe all the settings the previous owner had and it may be that it's tuned into their region, not yours.
    If you have done this let us know and someone who has this box may be able to help further.
    Oh and there is no reason the box should not work on the TalkTalk network. As an aside has it picked up the TalkTalk skin? If not then it will still be holding the previous ISP info, so a full reset is advisable.
    Good luck 
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    stacyl2 said:
    I can't find any HD channels.
    Have you checked that the previous owner hasn't hidden the HD channels?  Some people are content with the SD versions of the HD equivalents, and only use SD as SD takes up less room when recorded.

    To see which channels are hidden, go into the Guide and press the yellow button on the remote. This will display a list of channels on the left of the screen.  Channels that have a tick are hidden.

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