Channel pixelation issues

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Pixelation of various Channels through my BT youview  PRO. 
This is not a new issue for me it’s a reoccurring problem and many YVM 302 error codes on the affected Channels.I have tried many soft/ hard resets. Checked for software update, but my box is up to date. 
I have Retuned channels many time, even change to another local transmitter but to no avail. 
I’m currently connected by WI-FI  from BT youview box PRO my BT hub, and  I have also tried to resolve the issue by connection an Ethernet cable between box and hub but the outcome was just the same.
I do not believe it’s caused by atmospheric conditions as I now explain below.
I have had new aerial fitted by BT approved contractors which is a one piece coax cable straight into the IN socket on the back of my BT pro box. In addition I have a short coax from the OUT socket on the back of the BT pro box to Ty  Smart TV’s aerial input socket.
with the BT box turned on I get the pixelations, when I turn OFF the BT pro box I leave the coax cable configuration as previously mentioned above and watch the same Channels that I got pixelation on,on my SMART TV with no issues whatsoever.
Any takers on this issue please


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    So, just to clarify, when you have the Pro box turned on, and you watch the TV on its own tuners, not the signal from the Pro box, you get the pixelation?

    What happens if you bypass the Pro box and connect the aerial cable directly to the TV, but leave the Pro box On? Do you still get the pixelation (i.e. the Pro box is putting out serious RF noise), or is it only when the Pro box is in the aerial chain?

    With a faulty Pro box, then if you have a BT TV subscription, BT will replace it for you if necessary. Without such a subscription, you are rather on your own, I am afraid.

    Worth trying Settings/Factory Reset as a last resort, though one or more of the Maintenance Mode resets may be less drastic, if it works:-
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  • Have you tried watching without the aerial?
    The pro box can show channels over WiFi. 
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