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I have a Sony Tv . I have been trying to access ALL 4 with no success . I contacted Sony advisors , was on the phone for 2 and half hours . I was then told I cant access ITVX yet and they don’t know why . To access ALL 4 via Youview I need a call nnecting aerial . Surely that’s not right . Can anybody advise thanks 


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    To get All4 on a Sony Android TV 2015-2020, you need to be on the ‘YouView side’ of the TV, and to have tuned Channel 4 in via a TV aerial. (Though having done that, you don’t need the aerial again unless you have to reset the TV).

    From 2020 things changed, and you only need give your postcode to get All 4. Also, there’s not the great divide there was between the YouView side, now renamed Live TV & Catchup, and the Freeview side. But the YouView-provided apps tend to be found under Sony Select, rather than in the Android/Google TV store.

    Tell us what your exact TV model is, and we can tell you what model year it is from.

    Fighting the YouView apps being a bit of a faff, I recommend you invest in an Amazon Firestick or a Roku Express, for under £40, and get clean, unencumbered, not artificially limited, catchup apps which tend to be more up to date, have more features, and go a damn sight faster.
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