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So I've had a look through the posts and followed most of the advice already given, but still having issues.
This only seems to happen on the 'Really' channel. I can physically view the channel, it's a clear crisp picture. The signal quality is around 68% and I've retuned. But all of my recordings from it are dreadful. Pixels, jumping etc. I can (try) and watch a 'being recorded now', and its a mess, but if I switch to watch the same program live, it's fine.


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    Signal Quality or Signal Strength? These are different measures. 

    Can you please reply with both, one pair taken when tuned to Really, and another pair taken when tuned to a channel you have no problems with?

    Signal Strength of 65% might be OK, but if that is really Signal Quality, I’m surprised you get anything at all.

    As to it being OK live, but not recorded, or even recording, that’s a bit odd. I suppose live might have the opportunity for some error correcting, and recording not; I wouldn’t have thought so, but then, that’s all I can think of.

    How full of recordings is your hard disc?

    If you’ve read about things to do, then I expect you have already tried the 8-second soft reset, and probably Maintenance Mode 2, but if not, please ask about them.

    What sort of terrestrial aerial have you got, where is it, and do you know what age it is?

    I would guess also that you know to keep the aerial cable well apart from all the other cables going in to the YouView box? HDMI, power, Ethernet? If any of them are close to the aerial cable, and certainly if not well shielded, they can leak noise into the aerial cable, which wouldn’t help.
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