I think I have identified the circumstances that cause scheduled recordings to disappear. I think this will be the clue the software people need to track the bug.  I will describe my experience which I believe will be a specific case of the generic problem. I had set a recording on BT sport 1 for a boxing program which was subsequently cancelled by the organisers.  I had also scheduled a recording for a program on at an overlapping time on BT sport 2.  This second program was changed by bt to appear in the slot previously occupied by the now cancelled boxing program on bt sport 1.  These circumstances seemed to confuse the display of the scheduled programs.  This also explains why, I could also not set the now moved program to schedule on BT sport 1 (because the box thought I already had 2 programs scheduled for an overlapping time period).  However I could not cancel the now defunct boxing program because I could not see it in the scheduled list because of the unknown bug.  Once the real time had moved past the times for the offending programs, the issue cleared itself and the scheduled list display reappeared. Also, happily the BT youview box actually sorted out the mess and detected that the program that I had set to record on BT sport 2 had now moved to BT sport 1 so it recorded it as I had wished. Although the actual programs and channels may be different for others who have had this problem I think they will have just had a similar set of circumstances to those described above. I believe my experience explains all the major nuances of the problem, including ‘spontaneous reappearance’ of the scheduled list. Note that the above is not a work around involving the various resetting approaches that have been suggested, but is meant to help guide the developers towards the software bug underlying the issue so that it may be resolved at source.


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