Why does it say welcome back when it insisted I no longer had an account and made me register again? 


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22 November and we've just had this update in the last few days! Different colours on some of the menus and some slight changes in screen flows. The apps are laid out differently and some have gone. DTRT2110 BT Youview retail box. 
And before the meal, and between courses, you have to have 3 or 4 people sit at your table one after the other and tell you about things they'd like you to buy. 
  • @kodikid glad you enjoy them. Not my taste at all. All those people with troubled backgrounds. The golden age is long gone. It left when Sky was able to charge a monthly fee AND also show adverts. It gets further away as the violence and gratuitous sex in shows gets worse, the cult of celebrities grows, star's salaries…
Of course they would like you to watch on catch up where it is impossible to skip the adverts. Even NOW TV is playing adverts in some programmes and wanting more money to avoid them. Amazon Prime has some series that say free with advertisements. The sad thing is that with covid stopping many productions and…
  • @Roy Thanks. I can't recall them all. It isn't always possible to record the programme after because of clashes with recording other channels, and this is a new problem. Besides I usually set the recorder from a search on my tablet. It's a work around for a short term only. Programmes affected that I remember Grand Design…
  • We've two remotes, and they're not the problem. Even after resetting. Pressing a button takes time for the box to react. Even a quick press is actioned - just not always quickly, and if in the meantime we've pressed a different button, that will be in the queue. Up to 3 presses seems to be the limit that will queue. It is…
When all streaming either doesn't have adverts or allows skipping them, then there might be a reason to get rid of my PVR. ITV, Channel 4 and the like are almost unbearable unless recorded. Netflix is upsetting some of its audience, perhaps because they wanted a pre-defined button on the remote like some others have. 
  • Referring back to the OP, YouView has done the dirty on us. We're left with a BT app that wasn't aimed at those of us who use YV for free-to-air time shifting. The people who look after the BT TV app are listening and trying to help where they can, though they do not have a presence on this forum. People are welcome…
I was under the impression from learned players in this forum that even if you have a retail box, it is adopted by BT if they are your broadband provider. At least that is what I was told when I expressed a desire to return to the old humax interface with proper text not fancy pictures. 
  • More and more foreign dreams with subtitles are being broadcast. This "feature" of showing a banner telling me what I know in watching is really annoying. It means you have to wind back further to give it time to go away. A work around that reduces the display time slightly is to press the I button twice which pops up the…
  • On my tablet the main view of the schedules keeps jumping to an earlier day. If I touch a programme that is showing on the screen to see what it is, then use the back key, I find in viewing yesterday or earlier. It is consistently not the view that I had before looking at the details of the programme, and not today. Just…