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  • My Galaxy Tab S2 (Android 7.0) does the same thing, every time you highlight a program then return the guide has moved back a day and if you do it again it goes back another day. My phone also running Android 7.0 works perfectly okay
  • I had exactly the same problem with Coronation Street, I recorded and then watched two episodes then deleted and the day after they were back on showing failure to record. Then I recorded Emmerdale and when I went to play back it had recorded okay but next to it was a failure to record for the same programme starting 30…
  • I would be interested to know where these bad reports are because I am thinking of replacing my HDR 2000T with a FVP 5000T and all I can find are good reviews from buyers and sellers
  • I am running 29.27.0 but it does not say when it was updated but I have NOT noticed any improvements. I have tried the soft reboot on YouView and reset the TV Smart hub to no avail. My Sony Blu Ray still works fine so I think it's down to the box. What I have noticed is if you switch on the box - pause- then switch it off…
  • I have just tried the manual update and it says I have the latest software ( 28-26 ) so I suppose I'll have to wait. If BT have the ability to alter the program maybe it would be better getting them to rectify all irritating niggles that still exist rather than grow old waiting for YouView to do it.
  • Thanks Roy This is not what I wanted or what I expected, I noticed there is a new update out now which I have not received yet, are the YouView updates done Over the Air or are they done via the broadband?
  • Thanks Keith there is a lot more than I expected, I think I'll leave it to you experts and wait for the roll out of the new software, coming soon I hope.
  • The more the merrier, I did look through the ideas folder and didn't spot anything, is there somewhere I'm missing.
  • Thanks Roy I tried it and all was okay but I've not come across the Maintenance Mode on my box which is a Humax DTRT 2000 running 28.26.0 software