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Indeed I do know about the other topic. But as this in the first instance affects the britbox service in the UK I chose to put it here. This will feed into ITVX but not yet. Up to now it was being indirectly suggested that ITV would keep britbox UK. This is the first info confirming otherwise
  • Everyone may wish to have a read of this Looks like britbox UK is to be folded into ITVX
Hi @Darren BT would hate that I'm telling this but if you know what you're doing, you can get now (now TV) far cheaper by getting it directly from now themselves, then you could ever get from BT. If you're clever you're virtually never pay full price ;) The only downside is that you won't be able to record the linear…
@Visionman you get a like to making me laugh :D
  • I must say when I heard about this earlier today I was initially surprised, but then shortly afterwards I heard the BBC commercial ( otherwise known as BBC studios) was withdrawing from Britbox UK . At which point it made a bit more sense. I did think that BBC involvement in the Britbox UK was always a bit odd, given the…
  • From what I understand it's not just set-top boxes that this affects but also TVs. Basic Freeview on the other hand, hasn't been available since 2015. Or rather wasn't supposed to be available but there is still old hardware lying around in various places for sale. As you say Freeview HD will be removed from sale in 2022
Is everybody sitting down because the following article might shock you. Don't let the article title fool you. Read the whole article, but as I said, make sure you're sitting down because I don't think anybody would have expected this any time soon…
 I think I will stick to my Humax Aura. Rather unusually Humax are doing a decent job with the software update. So far it had one major firmware update (presumably to update the major core components of the OS, which probably can't be done without a restart) and several smaller updates which are done by updating…
  • HBO Max is coming to the UK, but it will be delayed until 2025 To be honest, I'm not sure I want to see another streaming service in the UK because it's just something else to pay for. If you want access to everything you want to watch. Quite frankly enough is…
  • This new UI reminds me of the review play interface on the Humax Aura. If I can get some suitable pictures later post them so you can see what I mean. In fact, one could say this new interface is a bit android TV like in many ways , however, android TV does have customisation options which I'm not sure would be present on…
  • I get the feeling this will be in the first instance largely to do with future IP TV channels and how they are going to be implemented. This is probably being proposed in order to try and make sure that all free to air receiving equipment across the UK has access to the same IPTV channels in future. But in order for a box…
it would seem your joke was lost and everybody else @Roy :D
  • @Roy @deedee36 to be honest now TV can often be a bit of an odd terms of how well the UI works over all , for example the now TV UI works much better on Sony android TVs is then it does on LG TVs currently, even though the UI is the same at the front end on both devices. It is much faster on Sony than it is on LG. Though,…
For me the whole point of having a PVR and using streaming services is so that I don't have to watch live TV anymore. I don't always like to rely on streaming services to catch up on things. Because some stuff is often only available for a limited time. Where is if you can record you face no such limitation. I'm not…
To tell you the truth. I always forget about the existence of the dedicated button for Netflix anyway and end up finding Netflix the Long Way round anyway @roy
@redchiz I think you may be experiencing an issue that has been around the quite some time on a few devices, not just youview. Where the app doesn't bring up the on-screen keyboard by default. There is usually a way to get round this, however, when you have the email address/username field highlighted. Press…
  • Hi @kodikid The boost pass does not apply to you view at the moment. Have a read through now TVs help article on the boost pass and the link below
But three lefts do if you think about it ::smiley:
  • 500 GB version of the T3R is out on 10 July, according to Amazon, but you will have to wait until 31 July for the one terabyte version Again this is according to Amazon
  • One wonders whether this will finally force Humax and Panasonic to release a proper refresh of their Freeview play set-top box hardware that completely complies with the latest Freeview play specification. But one thing that they need to both do is cure the 'we're going to use rubbish hardware syndrome'. It is not good…
I think will start hearing about a new Youview box when Freesat finally release their third generation box which is meant to have support for 4K and HDR. It will be interesting to see the complete specs when it's finally released…
Or now TV is for that matter. One thing that you can say about Netflix and NowTV is that they seem to understand that the UI used for gaining access to the content is just as important as the content itself something which I'm not sure Amazon understands. So I have to agree with @Joe earlier comment
Remember a few months ago when it came to light, the BBC wanted to put quite a lot more Boxsets on BBC iPlayer, but was stopped from doing so by Ofcom because commercial operators lodged protests, saying that it would be difficult for them to compete. Although to be honest I think Ofcom should have told the commercial…
@redchiz not only that, but not all Freeview play devices have the app yet either. LG devices don't have them yet. As far as I'm aware only Panasonic Freeview play devices have the new catch up apps at the moment. Can somebody that has a Humax preview play device confirm whether Humax has these apps yet? LG tends to…
  • Is it just me or does the NowTV app now run a bit slow and sluggish on a 2000 series retail Youview box. I think this is a prime example of Youview's current retail hardware starting to show its age
@highdeftvfan I wish I'd seen this topic earlier. I'm only just reading through it now I must advise you not to buy the smart box that NowTV have listed on their website. This is the smart box GEN 2 , otherwise known as the smart box 4K . This does not contain a DVB T2 tuner, meaning you cannot receive terrestrial TV…
LG TVs are brilliant, aren't they. We have two :) don't forget about Roku , although Amazon service on Roku is a bit questionable. It has to be said. But that's largely because they have yet to give the UK the updated app that the US has and has had for a long time. Oh, and Samsung TVs from 2015 onwards to :)
  • Hi @Joe when Flixster Was brought out/restructured the social/community and the streaming/ultraviolet aspect were separated out and the ultraviolet aspect was rebranded into 'Flixster video' . So that's probably why you think it has been closed down. 'Flixster video' is still operating in both the UK and the US, from the…
  • Freeview play does seem to be handled very well on TV sets. It's very good on my LG UH 770V as well. I'd say this scrollback interface is better on LG TVs, though, then it is on Panasonic. I know what the Panasonic scroll back interface is like like because as well as having Freeview play on my LG TV. I also have a…
  • Thanks @jimb I shall be keeping an eye on things currently in my case, the only TV which uses a youview box is the one TV We have which isn't capable of 4K. From what I read just now from the link you provided there some hints that new players/services will be joining you view in 2018. so I'll be keeping an eye on what…